Why empathy isn’t the magic key to great leadership (and what to do instead)

Photo by Annie Spratt, unsplash.com

From sympathy to empathy to compassion

A clear distinction between sympathy and empathy

Sympathy is cognitive relatedness to the other person.

Empathy is to feel with the other person as if the feelings are your own.

Empathic hangover and emotional burnout

It’s compassion you want to give and receive

Empathy focuses on the suffering of the other person whereas compassion focuses on the care for the other person.

Neuroscience strongly supports the shift from empathy to compassion

Matthieu Ricard, photo by Jon Schmidt, Wikipedia

Compassion is less awkward than empathy

The shift that releases tension

A shared aspiration

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Ready to become who you could be? I’m an Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant writing about Leading Self & Others from a lens of Integral, Jung and Zen.

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