Your approach to feedback is probably wrong (and here’s how to do it instead)

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Feedback as we learned it

Constructive feedback is fundamentally flawed

Challenge your assumptions

Deconstructive feedback

Source: How the Way We Talk Can Change the Way We Work; Kegan & Lahey 2002

Why is deconstructive feedback difficult?

A common first result of exploring deconstructive feedback is to get better at constructive feedback.

However, aspiring to practice deconstructive feedback is in itself developmental as we’re stretching our capacity to take different perspectives.

What could deconstructive feedback look like?

The neural impact of criticism

As the pace of business is increasing, as we move our work from offices into remote virtual teams, and as we seek more purpose, autonomy and purpose in our work we must do everything we can to nurture learning and intrinsically motivated transformation.

Finally, a little reflection for you

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Ready to become who you could be? I’m an Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant writing about Leading Self & Others from a lens of Integral, Jung and Zen.

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