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Fredrik Lyhagen
Ready to become who you could be? I’m an Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant writing about Leading Self & Others from a lens of Integral, Jung and Zen.
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  1. What is coaching
    What it is and what it isn’t, the difference between coaching and mentoring, an insight into the weird and wonderful world of “internet coaches”, and more.
  2. How you can benefit from coaching
    I’ll explain the main reasons executives and companies hire coaches, and what the main benefits are.
  3. How to measure the impact of coaching
    It’s difficult to put a monetary value on investment on coaching. Therefore, according to…

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  1. It’s based on a misunderstanding of what empathy is and what it leads to.
  2. From my…

Remove the layers and let the core of who you are sparkle

“What’s the optimal speed to hit one of those trees, so I don’t…

Fredrik Lyhagen

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